Written To Discredit David Irving: ‘Lying About Hitler’ By Richard J. Evans. A Refutation Of The Dresden Firestorm Chapter

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The Dresden raid was the perfect execution of the Bomber Command theory of the double blow: two waves of bombers, three hours apart, followed the next day by a massive daylight raid by more bombers and escort fighters. Only a handful of raids ever actually conformed to this double-strike theory, and those that did were cataclysmic…

…The fires from the first raid alone had been visible more than 100 miles from Dresden…

…many historians estimate that temperatures reached 1,500° Centigrade (2,732° Fahrenheit). Since temperatures in a cremation chamber normally reach only 1,400 degrees to 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit, large numbers of people in Dresden would have been incinerated from the extreme heat generated in the firestorm.

Lying About Hitler Book Review

      British historian Richard J. Evans wrote a 740-page report to help defend Deborah Lipstadt and her publisher, Penguin Books, against a libel suit filed by David Irving in London…

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